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driving, Biking, and Walking to School

"Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike."

—John F. Kennedy


  • Drive-through drop-off: located in the front of the school at the flagpole. We have staff in the front to help with opening your car door and getting your learner(s) out of the car so that you do not have to get out.
  • Drop-off loop: The drop off loop runs down the side of the building on the Atlantic/Ralph Appezzato Memorial Parkway side.  You will enter by traveling west on Third Street and turn right into the driveway located at the end of the building next to the ACLC entrance.
  • Parking: If you would like to park and walk your learner to class you will need to find parking on the street. We suggest the parking lot located at the end of Cypress Street next to the Woodstock Park recreation center. You can park there and walk through the park to our site. 

Nea encourages kids to bike or walk to and from school because it grants them greater independence, allows more flexibity in scheduling classes and other activities, keeps them active and healthy, helps decongest roadways and lessen parking challenges AND contributes to cleaner air for all of us!

However, for the maximum safety of kids and peace of mind for parents, it's especially important to know and follow the rules of the road. This biking/walking section contains a variety of tips and resources for bikers, walkers and parents to help keep everybody rolling (and walking) along smoothly! (Also see Suggested Bike Routes)

Tips for Safe Biking to School

  • Wear a helmet – it’s required for riders under 18.
  • Wear bright colors/reflectors so drivers can see you better.
  • Stay to the right unless passing pedestrians. Shout “on your left” or ring bell when passing.
  • Beware of driveways – look carefully for moving cars.
  • Ride in the direction of traffic – even when on the sidewalk!
  • Watch for doors opening on parked cars.
  • Stop at all intersections and cross cautiously.
  • Obey the rules of the road – just like cars. Stop at red lights and stop signs.
  • Act predictably.
  • Use a rack or basket to carry bags – avoid heavy backpacks.
  • Use a bell to warn pedestrians when passing.
  • Know your route – find the safest way by trying out several ways and using these suggested routes.
  • Do NOT use electronic devices while biking!

Tips for Safe Walking to School

  • Cross only at marked crosswalks.
  • Don’t dash across streets in mid-block – look both ways for cars and bicycles.
  • Be certain drivers see you – make eye contact. Do not assume.
  • Be friendly – wave and thank drivers for stopping.
  • Be sure all cars have stopped and see you before crossing. Be alert to cars that zip around stopped cars.
  • Wear bright colors so drivers can see you better.
  • Be alert – don’t listen to music, phone or text while walking.
  • Hold children’s hands when crossing the street, and teach them safety rules.

Sharing the Road

Below is an illustration showing how to safely share the road with other vehicles:

KangaDo App for Parents to Connect on Carpooling, Walking, Buses, Playdates, etc.

Check out the well-designed app from KangaDo that allows parents to connect with others to coordinate carpooling, walking, school buses, biking, playdates or any other activity.

For more info or to download app, go to: KangaDo.com or email to: kangado@dolightful.com

Recording your Bike for Recovery

No one likes to think about their bike being stolen, but it does happen. To increase chances of recovering your bike if this happens, use this handy Bike Record Form to help law enforcement find and identify your bike.


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