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"One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world."

—Malala Yousafzai


Nea Community Learning Center is based on an educational model that empowers all youth to take ownership of their educational experience, to celebrate their diverse community, and to actively participate as members of a democratic society.

At Nea Community Learning Center, we take our learners very seriously...

Empowerment — Our project-based learning, facilitated seminars and democratic model are part of this empowerment process. Learning by doing with facilitators rather than teachers helps learners gain confidence, cross-age mentoring and learning cements their knowledge, and a democratic community provides a forum for influence and change.

Ownership — We own our educational experience. This means learners can create an education that fits who they are and want to become — in choosing electives, after-school enrichment, internships, college classes, and activities during "Tree Time." While meeting California standards, our learners can customize according to their individual interests and needs.

Diverse Community — We celebrate our differences because we know there is unity in diversity, and that a tapestry made up of a rainbow of different threads is far more beautiful and strong than a single uniform weave.

Active Participation — A vibrant community depends on member participation to keep it responsive and alive. Nea learners are known for their active involvement in activites in the classroom, school, community and beyond. 

Democratic Society — Our school is based on a democratic model which means all members of the community have a voice. Sometimes it's messy and unwieldy, but without it our school could not empower learners the way we do!

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