Senior Year Timeline

Use this guide to help navigate your Senior Year.
Get Organized
  • Create a professional email account (e.g.
  • Create a account to track your college search
  • Create college application accounts--store all logins in one place
  • Want college sports? Register as an NCAA athlete
  • Register for a Fall college class in August
  • Schedule a college counseling appointment
  • Register and prepare to take the SAT, the ACT, and any Subject Tests as appropriate
  • Talk to your counselor about fee waivers for tests
Explore the College Landscape
  • Research careers @
  • Research colleges @
  • Attend Virtual College Tours and Preview Days
  • Visit local community college, Cal State, UC and private college campuses
Discover Yourself
  • Narrow down a list of colleges and careers, considering:
    • your talents and passions
    • the kind of workplace you see yourself in, the kinds of colleagues you'd like to be around
    • what kind of college is a good fit for you: large/small, urban/suburban/rural, public/private, etc.
  • Edit and polish your Resume & Cover Letters
  • Identify potential majors for college applications
  • Draft your PIQs/Personal Statements--Have them reviewed!
Aim for the Sky
  • Keep your grades up--yep, still important.
  • Start UC/CSU/Trade School Applications
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Request letters of recommendation at least three weeks before the deadlines--LoR Request Form
Ache Before Break
  • Finalize PIQ/Common App/Coalition App/Private School Essays and Apps
  • Submit your SAT/ACT Scores through application websites by November 30th
  • Submit UC/CSU Applications by November 30th
  • Make sure your Letters of Recommendation get submitted
Save Money
  • Repurpose your personal statements to apply for at least 10 scholarships
  • Prepare your Educational Opportunity Program responses:
  • Take college classes while in high school
There's More to Be Done
  • Avoid the Senior Slide--Don't let procrastination slow your progress
  • Turn in unofficial college transcripts for any college classes you took in the Fall
  • Give hand-written thank you notes to your recommenders
  • Check your email/accounts/college portals often (at least 3x per week)
  • Celebrate Offers of Admission as they come in!
  • Complete your Senior Internship and submit your Internship Form
  • Finalize your Senior Presentation to present to the Nea Board in May
Home Run!
  • Review your Financial Aid Awards and Secure Housing Packages
  • Submit your Statement of Intent to Register by May 1
  • Register for Orientation, Entry Assessments, and Summer Start Programs
  • Schedule appointments with enrollment counselors (for Community Colleges/Trade Schools)