Junior Year Timeline

Use this guide to help navigate your Junior Year.
  • Register for a Fall college class in August
If you haven't already, it is time to get your college search organized:
  • Create a professional email account (e.g. firstname.lastname@gmail.com)
  • Create a College Board Account @ collegeboard.org and link it to your Khan Academy Account
  • Create an ACT Account @ act.org
  • Want college sports? Register @ ncaa.org/student-athletes/future
  • Create a CaliforniaCollege.edu account to start tracking your college search
  • Create a Google spreadsheet with all your College/Professional account logins
  • Explore around on the websites above--get to know the landscape
  • Research careers @ MyNextMove.org
  • Research colleges @ BigFuture.collegeboard.org
  • Attend College Fairs/Campus Preview events
Fall, continued
  • Establish a solid routine with balance between school, extra curriculars, fitness and sleep
  • If you haven't already, join clubs, sports and/or find a job
  • Keep your grades up--junior year is your time to shine!
  • Challenge yourself academically and seek support when needed
  • Take the PSAT this Fall and link your College Board Account to Khan Academy
  • Review your PSAT results and load practice into Khan Academy
  • Continue researching colleges and start to make a list of those that interest you
  • Visit local community college, Cal State, UC and private college campuses
  • Narrow down potential majors and identify colleges that excel in those areas
  • Consider what kind of college is a good fit for you:
    • public or private, large or small, geographic location, more urban or less urban, etc.
    • programs offered in your areas of interest
  • Talk to friends, family and current seniors about their college application experience
  • Sign up in December to take college classes this coming Spring Semester
  • Register and prepare to take the SAT or the ACT in the Spring
  • Consider taking SAT Subject Tests
  • Talk to your counselor about fee waivers for tests
  • Work on earning your Community Service hours
  • Turn in unofficial college transcripts for any college classes you took in the Fall
  • Visit colleges through field trips and take virtual college tours during Spring Break
  • Start drafting your PIQs/Personal Statments
  • Register and prepare to take/retake the SAT/ACT in May or June
  • Register for SAT Subject Tests as appropriate
  • Explore jobs and internships for completing your senior internship this summer
    Select senior year classes wisely
  • Sign up in May to take college classes this Summer and/or next Fall
Summer--Rising Senior
  • Get your senior internship done early!
  • Visit more colleges and take virtual tours during Summer Break
  • Narrow down your list of colleges, college majors, and careers
  • Continue working on your PIQs/Personal Statements--get some feedback on your rough drafts!
  • Consider who you will ask for Letters of Recommendation
Save Money
  • Repurpose your personal statements to apply for at least 10 scholarships
  • Prepare your Educational Opportunity Program responses: calstate.edu/sas/eop/
  • Take college classes while in high school