Middle School at Nea

When Nea 5th graders move on to Middle School, they are well-versed in Nea's principles and democratic culture, which they readily pass along to newly enrolled sixth graders. Returning and new middle schoolers at Nea will find:

A Culture of Belonging

As elementary schoolers, Nea students look up to the middle schoolers who visit their classrooms as mentors and friends. That sets the tone for their own behavior in middle school, when they readily step up to be mentors and friends to both younger students and new peers.

high expectations and strong support

As a project-based school with a STEAM curriculum unrivaled in Alameda, Nea has always promoted in-depth and broad-based learning that develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Our academic expectations are high and we have designed a comprehensive support system that can be tailored to each learner's unique needs.

Arts, Music, Athletics And more

In addition to their creative, project-based core academics, middle schoolers are required to select an art or music electives each semester. The array of options includes Art, Band, Digital Illustration, Digital Music, Drawing, Reader's Theater, Yearbook/Graphic Design, and more. After-school athletes play volleyball, basketball and track against other Alameda middle school teams.

Three Nea learners wearing three shades of pink, looking at a computer together.

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