Elementary School Core Curriculum

Bringing Learning to Life in the Lower Village

Starting with a full-day kindergarten, our Lower Village (TK-5) learners experience a well-rounded curriculum that focuses on the whole child. We approach learning in a holistic, hands-on, and meaningful way, in keeping with the tenets of Project-Based Learning. A few examples of projects include:

Five Senses Exploration
Family Oral Histories
Simple Machine Inventions
Watershed Pollution Prevention
Civil Rights Movement

Migrant Farm Workers

The following types of direct instruction are built in and around these ongoing projects.

Reading:  Learners work in differentiated reading groups so they can work on fluency and reading comprehension at their own pace.

Writing:  Based on the Lucy Calkins "Writer's Workshop" model, facilitators guide learners through the writing process according to distinct phases. This approach supports the progress of those who struggle with writing, as well as those with an innate talent for it.  

Math:  Based on the principles of Marilyn Burns, learners experience differentiated standards-based curriculum through an appropriate balance of centers, small groups, and direct instruction.  The goal is to facilitate learners through a process of thinking, reasoning and applying concepts in a real-life context.

Science:  Learners use the scientific method to conduct standards-based science experiments and hone in on their research skills to learn more about different species, environmental challenges, and more!  Many of our study units are based on problem-solving real world issues requiring unique and innovative solutions.  

Social Studies:  Starting in Kindergarten, our learners directly experience what it means to be a member of a democratic society through our emphasis on community and their role in it. Our learners delve into local, state and national history through role plays, field trips, photographs, documents, and other real-life experiences.  

PE:  All 1st - 5th learners have 2 hours of PE per week with our Coach, while Kindergartners have Motor Fitness twice a week.  All activities are developmentally appropriate and standards-based, to ensure the health and wellness of our learners.  Activities focus on good sportsmanship, teamwork, and nutrition, appropriate to each age group.  

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