Elementary School at Nea

Nea's elementary school, known as Lower Village, is truly a unique place that will make your child's learning experience come alive!

Arts, Exploration, and Adventure

Our project-based approach lends itself to the integration of art, science, and humanities across the curriculum. In addition to creative classroom projects, each learner receives an hour of Music and Art instruction every week. Exploration is encouraged through an expansive array of electives, chosen by the learners themselves. Finally, a rich program of field trips helps learners connect their studies and projects with adult activities in the real world.

3-5 Rotation helps motivation

Rather than remaining in the same classroom with one teacher, our 3rd-, 4th- and 5th-graders rotate through three separate seminars with different facilitators, each with a core expertise in Math, Science or Humanities. In addition to allowing greater depth and breadth of learning  in each subject, the variety and movement keeps kids interested and engaged. Finally, shifting classrooms and gaining exposure to different teaching styles helps prepare our 3-5 learners for middle school.

Cross-Age Collaboration

Activities across grade levels allow learners natural opportunities to lead and/or learn from peers as they work towards common goals. Lower Village electives are multi-grade (across TK-2 and 3-5 grade levels) and learner-led monthly assemblies bring TK-5 learners together for discussions and activities. Our cross-age tutoring and classroom match programs bring middle and high school learners into TK-5 classrooms.