Athletics & Fitness

Athletics are a vital part of life at Nea.

Physical Education is part of our school's core curriculum. Our learners' passion for excellence and sportsmanship is evident in their outstanding performances beyond traditional PE.

Middle School Sports

Nea/ACLC Girls Basketball Team--Citywide Champions 2019-20

Nea/ACLC Volleyball Team

Nea middle schoolers combine with their sister school, ACLC, to field teams in Volleyball, Basketball, and Track, including a Cross Country Running Club.

The Nea/ACLC Ninja Hawks compete with other Alameda middle school teams on a regular, seasonal schedule. In 2020, the NinjaHawks Girls Basketball Team won the Citywide Championship for the second year running!

Alameda's middle school sports program is organized by the Alameda Education Foundation.

Nea middle schoolers also take advantage of local opportunities such as the Alameda Youth Ultimate Program or the Oakland Strokes Rowing Club.

High School Sports

Image of Nea Logo with Alameda Hornets and Encinal Jets

Nea high schoolers who are Alameda residents* can participate on sports teams with either Alameda or Encinal High School, depending on their high school residency zone. This includes all sports offered at either high school, including baseball, cheerleading, cross country, football, softball, track, basketball, soccer, swimming, tennis, volleyball, and more.


*Nea High Schoolers who are not Alameda residents can still be part of an illustrious ultimate frisbee tradition (see below).

Alameda Asteroids Cross Country Running Club--middle school participants out running among the trees

AEF Cross Country Running Club in Action

Physical Education

Nea kindergartner doing motor fitness activity
Elementary School Program

All 1st through 5th grade learners have two hours of PE per week with our Coach, while Kindergartners have Motor Fitness twice a week. All activities are developmentally appropriate and standards-based, to ensure the health and wellness of our learners.  Activities focus on good sportsmanship, teamwork, and nutrition, appropriate to each age group.  

Middle School Program
6th Grade--PE 5 days/week
7th Grade--PE 2 days/week
8th Grade--PE 2 days/week or independent study PE (see below)
High School Program

Nea high school learners fulfill their physical education requirement through our Independent Study PE program. Learners write fitness goals at the beginning of the semester and then log their hours of physical activity each month. Participation in school-based sports or extracurricular activities (such as dance, gymnastics, rowing, ultimate frisbee, or biking programs) qualify, as well as individual fitness activities such as jogging or swimming.

Our Ultimate Tradition

Ninja Hawks Girls Basketball Team--Citywide Champions 2019-20

The fast-moving sport of Ultimate Frisbee is a long-standing tradition at Nea's sister school, ACLC. The team founded at ACLC went on to win nine State Championships in its first decade (2004-2014). The middle school team won the first ever middle school California State Championship in 2014.  Today, ACLC and Nea learners participate on these teams under the auspices of the Alameda Youth Ultimate Program.