Visual and Performing Arts

Nea is proud of its extensive Visual and Performing Arts program. Due to our project-based, STEAM curriculum, the arts are well integrated into classroom projects and activities. Nea has two Art Facilitators, two Music Facilitators, and many art-based elective classes.

Lower Village (TK-5)

All Lower Village learners have one hour of art instruction and one hour of music instruction each week.

In addition, each trimester Lower Village learners vote on the electives they would like to have. Popular art- and music-based electives have included:

TK-2 Art/Music Electives
Mixed Media Art
Song and Dance
3-5 Art/Music electives
Arts & Crafts
Comic Book Making
Math Art
Stop Motion Animation
Yarn Crafting


Upper Village (6-8)

Middle school learners have at least one hour of art or one hour of music per week. Additionally, they can choose from a wide array of arts electives.

middle school arts
  • Drawing & Mixed Media
  • Digital Photography
Middle School Music
  • Music Appreciation
  • Band
  • Intro to Piano
  • Intro to Guitar
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