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Who are we?

The Nea PTSA is an association of Parents, Teachers, Students and community members focused on supporting Nea and enhancing our learners' educational experience. We are you! 

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What do we do?

Through a series of fundraising efforts, community events and school programs we offer critical support to the school, and provide the opportunity for Nea families to get to know one another better. Click below to find out what we are up to!

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Support Nea Now

Support Nea Now (SNN) is our biggest annual fundraising drive. We ask each each Nea family to make an annual donation of $500 to support learning and enrichment at Nea.

Our Goal is 100% Participation

That means that each Nea family gives what they can--be it the requested $500 annually or $100, $50, $10, or $5!

Where your dollars go:

Thanks to the generous support of the Nea Community, the Nea PTSA gives over $100,000 annually to support learning and enrichment at Nea. Ongoing projects include:

  • Visual and performing arts programs ($70,000)
  • Classroom support ($8,400)
  • Technology and professional development ($8,000)
  • Campus beautification, including school gardens ($5,000)
  • Community events and field trip scholarships ($4,500)
  • Library ($4,000)
  • Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs ($2,000)

In addition, each year the PTSA provides Nea with well over $80,000 worth of support in in-kind donations and volunteer hours.

Thank You!

Get Involved

Please join us at our next meeting:

Day: We meet every other month on the second Wednesday, unless otherwise noted.
Time: All meetings are from 6:30 to 8:00pm, unless otherwise noted.
Location: Zoom
You must be a current member to vote at PTSA meetings.

Pitch In!

We ask all parents and guardians to contribute a minimum of 2 hours per year to the Nea Community. There are many ways to be involved, daytime or evening, from home or at school. Explore the possibilities and pick one that will work with your schedule:

Help with a Community Event

Attend a Nea Community Work Day

Find the Volunteer Role that Fits You

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