Support Nea Now

Support Nea Now (SNN) is our biggest annual fundraising drive. We aim for 100% family participation.

We ask each family to make an annual donation of $500 to help us fund:

  • Music education for every K-12 child
  • A full time art teacher for K-5 and amazing 6-12 art electives
  • Computers and iPads
  • Assemblies, cool field trips, UV outdoor education, fun playground and PE equipment, and much, much more!

Ways to Give:

Thank you for supporting Nea!

Thanks to the generous support of the Nea Community, the Nea PTSA gives over $100,000 annually to support learning and enrichment at Nea. Ongoing projects include:

  • Visual and performing arts programs ($70,000)
  • Classroom support ($8,400)
  • Technology and professional development ($8,000)
  • Campus beautification, including school gardens ($5,000)
  • Community events and field trip scholarships ($4,500)
  • Library ($4,000)
  • Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs ($2,000)