College Admissions

A Proven Track Record

Nea graduates have been offered admission to an impressive list of four-year colleges and universities, including Stanford University, all the University of California undergraduate campuses, most of the Cal State University campuses, and other public and private universities in California, around the country, and beyond.

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Nea Graduates are College-Ready

In addition to success with college admissions, Nea graduates have an excellent record of successful transition to the college environment. Some of the reasons for this include:

  • Nea's unique college-like approach to education, which emphasizes self-motivation, self-direction and taking personal responsibility for outcomes, prepares our graduates for success after high school.
  • Nea's on-staff academic counselor and college admissions counselor ensure that our learners pursue comprehensive and relevant academic programs during their middle school and high school years, with maximum enrichment and community service opportunities along the way.
  • All Nea graduates are required to have completed at least one college classMany have taken numerous college classes by the time they graduate, proving with certainty their readiness for success at the collegiate level (and often yielding a semester or more of transferable college credit).
  • During their crucial 11th and 12th grade years, Nea learners are required to take our Junior and Senior Seminars, which are designed to support goal setting, graduation readiness, college readiness and the college application process.