Nea's name is from a Ghanaian saying:


Nea onnim no sua a, ohu.

(One who does not know can know from learning.)
Nea logo which is the Adinkra symbol for lifelong learning

This saying comes from a Ghanaian wisdom tradition in which certain concepts and adages are represented by graphic symbols known as Adinkra. The Nea Adinkra in our logo (above) is associated with the "Nea Onnim" adage and with our central Nea principle of Lifelong Learning.

In addition to our central principle, at all grade levels we emphasize, teach, model and celebrate the Nine Nea Principles shown below. Internalizing these core values helps learners to develop beyond academics into engaged citizens, responsible people, and active lifelong learners. Each month, one Principle is highlighted and woven throughout our educational program. Please click below to see to learn more about each principle and its associated Adinkra symbol.

The Nine Nea Principles