Project-Based Learning

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Learning by Doing — As a project-based learning center that spans the various developmental phases of childhood and adolescence, Nea provides multiple opportunities for individual, partner and group experiences that encourage research, depth of knowledge, mastery of concepts, and motivation for continued learning.

Engagement — Because it is hands-on, Project-Based Learning appeals to the combination of "intelligences" unique to each child and results in an enhanced desire to learn (because it's fun!). It is especially effective with children who lose interest or are turned off by traditional teaching methods.

Benefits — Experiential learning provides clear benefits like: increased critical thinking skills, greater problem-solving abilities, deeper understanding, better preparation for higher education and real work situations, and more developed collaborative skills.

Process — Work on projects is initiated by asking "Driving Questions" that help frame the substance of the content and the direction of research and discovery.  Learners are supported to produce high quality work through established checkpoints that provide them with opportunity for feedback and revision throughout the process.