Nea Academies

Nea Academies provide opportunities for skill-building, additional academic support, and for going deeper into topics of interest. About two-thirds of Nea learners participate in an Academy during any given semester. Usually Academies are organized during the self-directed learning periods, known as "Tree Time", that are built into each learner's weekly schedule.

There are currently three kinds of Nea Academies:

Distance Learning Academies

Distance Learning Academies support learners seeking extra skill-building and teacher support during Distance Learning. With access to a Nea teacher, they can work on digital learning platforms like IXL, Lexia, Rev K-12, or get specific review or tutoring as needed.

Small Group Academies

Small Group Academies support learners whose grades, assessments, or test scores indicate that their overall school experience would benefit from focused small group instruction in specific core academic areas, such as math or language skills.

Advancement Academies

Advancement Academies support learners who are taking advanced classes or preparing for college testing. For example, eighth graders taking Algebra 1 or 9th grade science can have an academy that supports their success in these high school level courses. Juniors can have an SAT prep academy.