Our Approach

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Our Mission

To empower all youth to take ownership of their educational experience, to celebrate their diverse community, and to actively participate as members in a democratic society.

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Graphic of the Adinkra symbol and saying for which Nea is named

Our Nea Principles

Our school name is a word, not an acronym!

The word derives from the Ghanaian adage "Nea onnim no sua a, ohu". Nea's logo is the Adinkra symbol associated with this adage and with our central Nea Principle of Lifelong Learning.

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Individualized & Empowering

Nea students are called "learners" to highlight their active role in the learning process. Nea empowers youth by providing opportunities for self-directed learning, a wide range of electives, and special interest Academies to encourage strengths, support areas for growth, and prepare for college goals.

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Creative & Project-Based

Project-based learning encourages a learner-led pursuit of understanding. At Nea, teachers are called "facilitators" because they strive to support, rather than overly control, the learning process. With project-based learning, a skilled facilitator creates a rich, engaging environment that encourages learners to think, pose questions, experiment, and create for themselves.

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